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Y the Spy likes to hang out at the end of some words. Sometimes he makes the long e sound and sometimes he makes the long i sound. To know what sound to make, he spies on the word to see how many syllables are in it and uses his Top Secret Code. He makes the long e sound in two syllable words. He makes the long i sound in one syllable words. This is a lovely idea, although perhaps a bit more on the game and less on the learning side of things.

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  • SO feel free to try them out, they are good, and then you can decide if the cost is worth it for you .
  • This is for a young child to play with an adult and aims to promote the discussion of different sounds.
  • Today, I am sharing the newest Phonics Friends with you all; it’s Y the Spy for teaching the Vowel Sounds of Y.
  • The YouTube Audio Library is a wonderful resource for locating short sound effects.

We have linked free fifa 17 points to the minigames below so you can try some with your class. Perhaps a little violent for kindergarten or very young learners. You are a musketeer and have to fight an evil palace guard by spelling short vowel words. You also have to try to hit him in the correct place. It uses sentences as well, so the sounds are not in isolation. The words may be a little difficult for young learners, words like enter, epic, exit are included here.


With so many different pronunciations, kids are bound to feel challenged when learning the sound of the Y. This is why parents and teachers often use interactive and educational games to make learning the sound of the letter Y easier and fun for kids. Research shows that systematic, synthetic phonics gives children the strongest reading and spelling foundations. Our education experts have created over 850 fun, varied and motivating games to take your class step by step through the synthetic phonics process. Kids can pronounce correctly only when they are well aware of the sound that each letter represents.

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There are also plenty of websites which have thousands of royalty free sound effects which you can download and use. We love to hear from you and improve the learning experience for your kids. We would love to hear from you and enhance the learning experience for your kids.

I am a retired teacher who is now working with adults in a literacy program. I appreciate all the effort you have put into your activities. I have found many on your site, and my students enjoy them.

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“Fantastic – the most relevant material/resource ever seen for both dyslexia and teaching spelling rules.” Please turn your screen to landscape to play this game. Education.com has good looking and useful games. I will link to just the selection page as it comes with a proviso. You can play for a few minutes then they try to get you to sign up. If you are a school this may be feasible but for most parents it is not.

You have to drag the correct vowel to the front of the word. You can check it out by pressing the picture or by pressing here. It’s really amazing that most of our little ones are able to break the code and become fluent readers. I know we always mention this game but it is really really good.

As with all the file folder activities, the rule is placed on the folder for easy reference. To download the Sounds of Y Poster can be downloaded for FREE in my online TpT store. Kids use Officer Ice Cream’s X-ray camera to find all the lowercase letters.

Fun Phonics Games And Activities For Early Readers

If you need to edit a sound effect for length, then Audacity is a free, open source sound editor which is relatively easy to use. Or you can even do simple editing online with a site like AudioTrimmer. Kids find everything with a short A sound without seeing the words spelled out.

If you aren’t familiar with Phonics Friends, you can read about them here.Also, if you already own the bundle, redownload to get access to this new Phonics Friend. This is another Flash Game, so again check it before your classes use it after December 2020. However as basic as it is, and it is a very basic game it is actually quite effective. The sound blending of the CVC is great and even though the pictures are basic they are better than the game above.

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