Steffy forgave Rick however, at some point let him go by discord the relationships triggered within her loved ones

Steffy forgave Rick however, at some point let him go by discord the relationships triggered within her loved ones

Steffy’s you will need to blackmail Brooke and you will Oliver try defused by Brooke, who confessed to help you Ridge

Steffy Forrester is the child off Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes; Steffy and her identical twin sister, Phoebe Forrester, have been produced immediately following Taylor suffered compliment of tuberculosis in pregnancy. Steffy are named for her granny, Stephanie Forrester. During the a boat journey in St. Thomas, two-year-old Steffy allegedly dropped overboard and you can is believed deceased in the an effective shark attack, but Morgan DeWitt, a great deranged lady just who was previously obligated to abort Ridge’s kid, had kidnapped Steffy and you can dyed her hair red to successfully pass Steffy regarding given that the woman child. Steffy is saved whenever Ridge crashed by way of Morgan’s house in his car.

Steffy try devastated whenever Taylor died inside an enthusiastic altercation towards nefarious Sheila Carter; Steffy is partially increased by Brooke Logan, just who Ridge remarried. Steffy and you can Phoebe decided to go to London area to go to boarding school; if you find yourself Phoebe returned to Los angeles, Steffy remained overseas.

Now said to be Phoebe’s fraternal twin, Steffy arrived domestic out of university and did in the post space out of the lady family members’ structure house, Forrester Designs, in which Steffy fulfilled Marcus Walton. Steffy old Marcus, however, gently rejected their offer immediately after to get looking for Rick Forrester, who have been associated with each other Steffy’s mother and you can cousin. Whether or not Steffy initially railed in the Rick to own their womanizing and you can attributed your towards car wreck and this advertised a beneficial confrontational Phoebe, Steffy bonded with Rick within her suffering, raising the ire from her entire members of the family.

After Steffy provided to marry Rick, Ridge starred their a tracking in which Rick admitted he was only romancing Steffy to track down straight back at longtime rival Ridge. Steffy later turned down Marcus’ attempt in the an excellent reunion.

To make sure that Ridge and you will Taylor remarried, Steffy along with her sister, Thomas Forrester, faked text messages off Brooke, however, Steffy are launched when Brooke averted the wedding. Steffy produced moves on the partnered Owen Knight, up coming developed a destination into just as married Expenses Spencer, Jr. Steffy kissed Costs in advance of their wedding to Brooke’s cousin, Katie Logan, whom Statement generated President of Forrester once the guy overran the company; Steffy tried to entice Costs and you will swiped Katie’s engagement ring, claiming she would see Katie in the event that Costs failed to signal Forrester off to the girl. Steffy edged out “the fresh Logans” from the splitting the business’s inventory anywhere between their pops Eric Forrester, Stephanie, Ridge, and you will Taylor.

Steffy has worked up against Hope Logan from the trying to bargain her sweetheart, Oliver Jones, and you can in public embarrassing Promise through their “A cure for the long run” signal realize “HO for the future” during a way show. Steffy failed to have the opportunity to help you promote Oliver’s footage out of Bridget Forrester sleep toward married Owen, but Steffy been able to strike out in the Brooke when Brooke accidently duped on Ridge with Oliver at Hope’s costumed graduation team. Steffy is actually obligated to gather a video tribute so you’re able to Brooke, however, computers technology Liam Cooper eventually recorded Steffy speaking of Brooke’s betrayal; Steffy are attributed when the girl words was indeed called to the lady videos because of the Bill’s best-hands boy Justin Barber and you can released online.

Steffy reunited along with her moms and dads whether it is actually indicated that Taylor’s “body” had been replaced with an effective dummy by the Taylor’s previous husband, Prince Omar away from Morocco, who had been staying Taylor from the their jak používat compatible partners castle

Enraged having Ridge, Steffy considered selling Costs brand new twenty five% display out of Forrester supplied to this lady because of the Taylor. Instead, immediately following an unsuccessful just be sure to entice Liam regarding Guarantee, Steffy relocated to Forrester Internationaling home with Statement on her behalf head, Steffy stored Emerald Moore when Costs plotted to help you destroy Amber to own capturing Liam with a pregnancy. Steffy begged Bill to have help when Thomas try forgotten at sea; Steffy and you may Expenses turned better from experience, but Steffy was distraught one to Statement won’t get off Katie on her behalf.

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