Everything you Need to Know about GUI Testing in Software

GUI testing is done before the launch of a particular application. Hence, it is crucial for every software to check all the elements present in the user interface. This ensures that the user has a seamless experience with the graphics.

testing to test the gui components in the screen

It discourages the team to run the tests as often, preventing them from reaping the benefits they could provide. Deliver unparalleled digital experience with our Next-Gen, AI-powered testing cloud platform. Ensure exceptional user experience across all devices and browsers. This UI testing (User Interface Testing) tutorial will now look at how to run UI tests for our websites or web applications.

GUI Testing Guide

For more examples of testing heuristics, see the Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet by agile testing expert Elisabeth Hendrickson. To write a GUI test case, start with a description of a GUI event to be tested, such as a login attempt. Then, add the conditions and procedures for executing the test.

testing to test the gui components in the screen

Since you were using Google Chrome as your default browser, zoom worked perfectly. You can use a test scenario to specify how a web application or website behaves or interacts in real-world situations. In addition, a single page contains hundreds what is gui testing of elements required to create a complete website. The source tree of this example, together with test code and utilities, is available for download from Resources. Running “ant” in the top directory will build the example and run tests on it.

Solution to UI Testing Challenges

When doing UI testing, it’s often very easy to get out of your lane and step on the toes of other forms of testing. As a rule of thumb, remember that UI testing should worry about the look and behavior of the UI. How the visual elements are presented, how they interact, respond to user input, and validate input data. First of all, if your app has a faulty UI, your users won’t be able to perform the tasks they need.

  • UI testing (User Interface testing) is a technique for testing the features of any software that a user will interact with.
  • Using the zoom property of CSS, you can implement this functionality.
  • By analyzing an application from a user’s point of view, GUI testing can provide a project team with information they need to decide whether an application is ready to deploy.
  • It is important to verify all the images used throughout the application are displayed correctly and not blurry or cut out in any device.
  • In Software Engineering, the most common problem while doing Regression Testing is that the application GUI changes frequently.

GUI Testing is Graphical Interface Testing which is used to test the functionality of GUI applications. Create sufficient test scripts to verify the most common paths that users will take through the AUT. The most basic information in a test case is a description of the GUI event to be tested, the conditions for executing the test, and the expected result. To make test cases easier to manage, it can be helpful to include additional information such as links to requirements documents and/or defect tracking systems. Test scenarios, if used, guide the development of test cases and test scripts. One challenge to learning about software testing is that there are many terms in the industry, and these terms often have overlapping meanings or are used inconsistently.

GUI testing using computer vision

When you use the TestUtils utility class with your own code, just put it in your test directory and use it from your JUnit test code. The standard Java library has a java.awt.Robot class for this purpose. Just to click a button, we must specify the coordinate to which a pointer must move to perform the click. Every time the geometrical arrangement changes, the entire test code needs new parameters. One is simplicity and the other is independence between application and test code. Of course, according to XP’s “test-first” rule, application code should not exist prior to the test code.

It includes the testing of all components like menus, radio buttons, textboxes checkboxes, toolbars, font color, font size and many more. Scenarios can guide exploratory testing, giving testers an understanding of a GUI event to test, without restricting them to a specific procedure. Scenarios are also increasingly popular in agile environments, as it is much faster to create a brief scenario than to write out a full test case.

testing to test the gui components in the screen

You don’t have to install any additional software to execute tests. GUI Testing is a type of software testing that tests the graphical user interface of an application. Here, the testers make sure that the interface works as it is intended to. This blog post will provide a detailed, comprehensive GUI testing checklist to help software developers and testers ensure that all components of their user interface have been properly tested. The scripted testing process begins once you have written and defined the test cases.

testing to test the gui components in the screen

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