Whenever h2o predominates, providing from the unmarried hole, it disseminates tranquility, love, kindness, persistence, quietness, and other allied virtues

Whenever h2o predominates, providing from the unmarried hole, it disseminates tranquility, love, kindness, persistence, quietness, and other allied virtues

One of the Karen and Burmese new gut is kept is the newest seat of one’s welfare therefore the diseases, different feelings and you can bodily criteria becoming related to the presence of snap (“k’ li”), flame (“me”), or water (“paw leh”). The parents demand one ten hundred cavities in the gut incorporate piece of cake, 12 have fire, and another include drinking water. When flames is in the ascendancy, a person is incited to envy, malice, hatred, and escort service Irvine you can payback. The various functions was intermingled in one’s profile compared to the fresh mingling of multiple issues.[26-9]

New urine of one intercourse can be recommended since an effective liniment to own people of one’s opposite gender

A number of the appeal donned by the Karen together with Burmese are intended to get rid of breeze off gaining the fresh ascendancy in the the fresh new instinct. One of particularly charms was strings out of dried fruit regarding certain plant life, chain of coins that have been blown abreast of, and you will gnarled cables that have been put on the newest wearer by elders otherwise prophets.

Something is still around said regarding”k’ thi thras” or “medicine-teachers,” just who compound medications out-of certain origins and you may vegetation with which it habit a kind of scientific lore, in addition to their occult rites. You can rest assured however, that they understand the therapeutic action out of specific plant life. They will explain a certain forest on the comment you to definitely their simply leaves are good for fever or another issue. Back at my requst for many medications an effective Karen doc provided me with one hundred of them. Dr. Wade features obtained over forty pages of medical formulae of numerous classes, among them lots of real really worth. Dr. Mason says the name out of a tiny creeping bush (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and therefore, if the applied given that an excellent poultice in the long run, commonly arrest, if this cannot cure, leprosy.[26-10] How many of those Karen prescriptions try from Burmese, Shan, otherwise Talign origin I am unable to say. I have already been advised from time to time your Karen just who nonetheless remain in the ancient requirements, rely completely into the magic and you will offerings to cure disorder. My personal observation leads me to accept that the usage of medicine increases, because some body been more info on with the experience of almost every other races.

The newest Karen accept that smells features a marked influence on the human anatomy, for a good as well as for sick. There is almost nothing you to an excellent Karen or, in fact, an effective Burman anxieties plenty when he really does scent regarding preparing fat (“ta neu xo”). They believe your odor in some way enters the body, especially if there was a scratch of your skin, and results in all sorts of issues, actually abrupt passing. To stop touching so it smell, they usuall would any frying which are expected aside-of-gates, and you will hold their delivers their noses to keep off the fear risk. Getting curative intentions smelling-salts was popular among one another Karens and you may Burmans, when they are available bazaar. A few of the medicines include asafoetida or any other pungent-smell delicacies, being thought to provides an immediate effect on the brand new paitent. Sour and acrid-tasting medication also are in the great favor.

The newest prevalence out of piece of cake over the other issue supplies satisfaction, ambition, greed, evil wishes, and you will hilarity

Apart from such as for example cures the brand new Karen “medicine-teachers” resort to disgusting concbur, your hair and you will snatch out-of particular pet, tigers’ and leopards’s whiskers, specific components of peoples corpses, you hair off humans, dung of all categories, the newest scrapings regarding charred concludes regarding bamboos utilized in striking corpses into the funeral pyre, etc. Let me reveal a treatments extracted from this new Karen Thesaurus, in which it is named “a grand febrifuge”: “Do the umbilical cable reduce away from a new-created child, the undigested kernels on dung off your dog, white and yellow onions, ginge and you may black colored pepper during the equivalent number; blend carefully and also make to your tablets how big the conclusion of your own digit; dose, one at a time you need to take in the hot water.”[26-11]

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